Nor-Lake 7X18X8-7 COMBO1 Fast-Trak™ Indoor Two Compartment Walk-In

SKU #: 7X18X8-7 COMBO1
Fast-Trak™ Indoor Two Compartment Walk-In, 7' x 18' (7' x 10' & 7' x 8' compartments) x 8'7" H, freezer with smooth aluminum interior floor, cooler less floor, 26 gauge embossed coated steel interior & exterior finish, self-closing doors, locking deadbolt handle
Thermometer, lights, trim, locks & shelving
Compartment configuration
Second compartment door size
First compartment door size
Floor options
Cooler Compartment, +35F Indoor/Outdoor Heavy load compressor
First compartment door hinging
Freezer Compartment, -10F Indoor/Outdoor Normal load compressor
Cooler Compartment, +35F Indoor/Outdoor Normal load compressor
Second compartment door hinging

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$21,641.00 / each
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$19,428.21 / each

2023 model, meets the newest EPA and DOE codes.

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CategoryWalk In, Box Only
Width (in)84
Height (in)103
Depth (in)216
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