AmeriKooler QC081077**FBSC-O Outdoor Quick Ship Walk-in Cooler

SKU #: QC081077**FBSC-O
Outdoor Quick Ship Walk-in Cooler, 7'-10" W x 9'-9 1/4" L x 7'-7" H, With Floor, 4” thick AK-XPS4 insulation providing R-29 for coolers & R-32 for freezers, 26 gauge stucco embossed corrosion resistant Acrylume on all interior & exterior surfaces, NSF aluminum floor rated at 600 Lbs./sq. ft. of uniformly distributed load, flush self-closing door with keyed heavy-duty deadbolt handle latch, digital LED thermometer with pilot light switch, super cam-rise spring assisted hinges & door closer, prewired vapor proof light fixture, 35°F, top mount, self-contained, Outdoor refrigeration, PT0078MBTAMSA, sized at 90°F ambient temperature, subject to terms & conditions, UL, Made in USA.
Door hinges & door location
Door voltage

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2023 model, meets the newest EPA and DOE codes.

Nominal Depth8 Feet
Refrigerant TypeR-448A
Made inUSA
Compressor LocationTop Mounted
Voltage208/230 Volts
Width (in)120
Height (in)91
Depth (in)96
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