how to prevent mold in refrigerator

Most commercial kitchens, food manufacturers, and other food businesses try different ways to prevent mold formation. Mold can affect building surfaces, products, and the environment. Mold in the freezer can lead to huge losses for food businesses. Mold can spread through the air and surface contact. It can cause mold-related illnesses, lead to health and safety violations, and damage food products completely. Mold in walk-in coolers occurs when the humidity level inside the cooler or freezer goes above 70%. Yearly maintenance or cleaning your walk-in unit can help you get rid of mold. In this article, we discuss what mold is, ways to identify mold growth, causes behind mold formation in the fridge, ways to prevent mold in the refrigerator, the ideal temperature for mold prevention, steps to get rid of mold, and the dangers of mold development.

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